Don was here...

The third and final term of the year is upon us. I think our first Christmas in Namibia will be here before we know it!!
The last few weeks have been quite exciting. Don Stoll, one of our supporters and a dear friend, came to visit us! He stayed with us for almost three weeks, and we had the privileged of sharing Namibia with him.

 We took him up to Etosha game park (a world famous safari destination,) where we had a close call with an angry elephant! We also saw some rhinos!

After that we took him to Opuwo in the North of Namibia, where he met Asser, the preacher at the church that David and Kyle planted in 2002. Asser was greatly touched by Don's visit. Don gave him a Bible commentary that Don had used when he was a young preacher. It is very uncommon for Himba or Herero men to cry, but I think I may have seen some tears in Asser's eyes!
I think Don is already planning his next trip to Namibia, so that he can meet with Asser again. He also got to meet John and Suzanne, they hosted a pizza night at their house, and they were busy carving up the meet of an Oryx that John had shot.

While he was here he gave a talk to the kids about his time in Zimbabwe, and how important it is to stay close to Jesus. Don was born to talk to children! They were absolutely hanging on his every word!

It was great having him here. If you know Don make sure to go by and see him so you can hear first hand about all his adventures while he was over here!

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JustCorey said...

I felt the need to look up to see what an Oryx was.... have you had oryx meat and what does it taste like? (i would prefer an answer other than "tastes like chicken" lol)

I love seeing all your pictures and reading your updates...

God Bless!