Like a tent without poles....

A few weeks ago we went up to the North of the country. It is about an eight hour drive to get up to Opuwo from Windhoek. We decided to camp half way there as we only left at 3 pm, and in order to camp we had to buy a tent. It is extremely dangerous to drive at night as the animal activity peaks after dark. As the sun was setting we saw kudu (we almost hit a kudu, it ran out in front of us and then tripped), giraffes, Oryx, hundreds of warthogs and some klipspringers. Anyways, we bought a brand new seven man tent, it cost us $100, it was the cheapest one we could find. We finally got to the camping spot, we were exhausted and irritated, and hot, and hungry. So we pulled our tent out and as we are trying to set it up we realize that there were no tent poles in the bag. None. Not one. So there we were standing in the dust with a fancy piece of useless canvas. We ended up sleeping in the back of our truck, it has a short bed so we left the tail-gate open. Our feet stuck out into the Namibian night. While I was laying in the truck, wedged between the wheel well and the $10 Chinese store mattresses we bought, I was struck by something. If we were to attempt anything here without God, it would be like trying to pitch a tent with no poles. Even if things work out for a while, in the end it would be a miserable failure. We've been reminded of that over and over. Most of the kids we work with come out of such horrible home situations, that only God can make a difference and bring a real change in their lives.
Keep God in the center!

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JustCorey said...

that is an awesome analogy that you have now... i am glad you see God working in Namibia