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This is just a quick update, internet access here is "few and far between." I will type random updates as I think of them:
The issue with the car accident was finally sort of sorted out. We ended up paying the man's deductible, it was a ridiculous situation. It would take pages to explain the whole story, in short he was threatening to sue us, his exact words were  "bombs would go off," if we did not pay HIS deductible (his insurance and our told us not too as it would be refunded back to him after he pays it). He was calling us and anyone associated with us at least three times a day, and just causing a lot of problems. We decided to pay the $350 (that was not in our budget) so the issue would be resolved.
Thanks for all the prayers!!

In the last week we went up to the North of the country to visit with the people and church that David and Kyle planted in 2002-2003. It was a rushed trip, but it was well wort it! The people in the village were very excited to see us, and of course we were excited to see them. I will write a longer update on the village visit when we have better internet.
This week we are at school working on tutoring some of the children who are struggling, please pray for us and the kids.
Adam and Sara seem to be adjusting well to life in Namibia. Adam comes to school each day, and Sara stays at home with the baby. Pray for both of them as they adjust to life here with the baby.
The  Hunters are back from their trip to America, it is great to have them back here!
We still do not have health insurance, we applied on the 6th of June, it takes them a long time to approve things here I think.
And the best update of all, WE GOT OUR WORK VISAS!!! We only had 5 days left of our tourist visa, and we were beginning to think we would either have to do the illegal immigrant thing, or hop down to South Africa for several months while we wait for the visa to be approved. But we got it! Praise God for working this out for us!
Thanks for all the prayers, keep them coming!!!

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Jenny said...

Praying for you everyday friend! It's so good to hear from you and I'm sorry you ended up having to pay that man's deductible. Looking forward to hearing from you again :) ((HUGS))