This is one of my favorite song (if you are viewing this on facebook click here). It is about holiness. Tonight I have a question.
What do you think it means to be Holy?

What is holiness?

How do you try to be Holy in your life?

When I was child attending Sunday school and we used to sing songs containing words like "I lift my holy hands to you" I would throw my hands up without giving it a second thought. I think today it is more difficult for me to do that. I feel like it would almost be obscene for me to raise my hands and claim that they are HOLY. I know my heart and the attitudes behaviors that I deal with. One of my favorite "scenes" from the Bible is where God tell Moses to take his shoes off for he is standing on holy ground. That image gives me goosebumps. It reminds me that our God is Holy and that holiness is sacred. I also know from Hebrews that the blood of Christ is enough, that through Him we are made Holy. I am not sure that I have a point here, just that in listening to this song tonight I spent some time reflecting on holiness and what it means.
What are your thoughts?

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