5 days left....

Five days, yes only five days remain until we get on a plane and move back to the dark continent. So far as many things have gone wrong as have gone right. Our taxes are finally done (thank you Cindy Marvin!!), and we have hit our one time support goal. On the other side our application for a HI account in Colorado has been rejected, so as of right now we are unable to cash or deposit any checks that are made out to HI. So right now we are reapplying to the secretary of state, the application takes 7 to 10 days and then after that (if the application is approved) we should be able to receive our support. We also still are trying to sign up for health insurance, and that also is turning out to be more tricky than we originally thought it would be.

Please take a moment right now to pray for the situation with the bank account, and for all the rest of the things that we need to get done in the next few days.

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Ash-Ash said...

5 days?!? It has come so fast! Will continue to pray for you guys.