of Life and Sacrifice

At our cell we discussed sacrifice it brought all these questions to my mind again. I know that life is fragile, that I could die at any moment. It makes me wonder if I have lived a life that has made a diffirence or am I waithing to be an official missionary. This is where sacrifice comes in, do I sacrifice my life each day to serve God, to make a diffirence in this life. Reading about Paul and Silas's missionary journey I realize that they did sacrifice, when they were beaten and thrown into prison, and the times when they were banished from towns and cities, they carried on and sacrficed. They sacrificed their backs for more beatings ultimately even their lives. The thing is this, is there anyting on this planet that I think is more important than another human. Is there anything that I would not sacrifice. Is my life, my family, my spouse, my education, my friends, my ministry, is it, is anything more important to me than sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am being challenged to be a broken vessel, a vessel that can truly be used.

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