Haai Haai ek is n blaarslaai...

We are back and finals are once again over. It has been five months since i last was here, in fact i clean forgot we even had a blog... Oops...
Many things have happened this pst semestr, the greatest being the mission trip. I really was not sure that 10 days could change a life, but it can. It did.
There are so many faces and stories that filled our ten days. Even our layover in Germany has a few good stories. I do not think that there is any way to ever know the full impact that this trip has had. Erica, the blond one of our team, is already planning a trip back there with her fiancee. My parents have seen what missions really can be, our passion for Africa and her people has been refreshed. From the start God was working with us, we received over a thousand dollars more than we needed, it was amazing. I am South African, it is my home it is where i grew up, but i was not prepared for the Johannesburg that i met on this trip. South Africa is a beautiful place, but her people are so desperately lost, there is not one people group in that country that does not need to be rescued.
Anyways enough of my ramblings, I'll get back with some pictures and stories... in five months or so. Kidding.
Ask God to send out people-to reach people, maybe even you.

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