Do I know this?

I love the Chronicles of Narnia. I recently purchased the album that was inspired by the movie (various Christian artists). I was listening to it the other day and one of the lyrics caught my attention. It said that when I heard your song it was somehow familiar (Talking about the song Aslan sings to create the universe).
It made me think of something, that somehow God, Christ, is familiar to us all. Even those that are lost, when soemone turns to Christ, their Spirit may cry out with a groan. Kinda that homesick-groan in your stomach when you finally reach home.
I'm not really sure what I am getting at, maybe just that everyone reacts when they hear about Christ why is that? Could it be that inside they long to go home, they long to be in the arms of Christ?
I remember when I was in Namibia on a misson trip listening to that song "Draw me close," thinking that perhap that is the cry of all who are lost, they just do not know what it is that they long for.
All I know is that people are lost, and I know the Way. It's all I can think about sometimes.

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