Day of Prayer!

The new term started yesterday we meant to have a day of prayer on Monday but we are only able to get to it today. Pray with us!

Hope Club! We shut down over the break as most of the young people were out of town or busy. We had one meeting at  the start of the break but only a three people showed up and said that they would not be able to make it again. Pray for commitment from the kids, and for us to be the hands and feet of God in the lives of this group of young people.

Classes. School started back up yesterday, Sandy will have class on Thursday and David on Monday. David's group is challenging to say the least. His group likes to tease each other, constantly. Sandy's class is too big for the intimate discussions that the class was intended for.

Home visits. We have decided that we need to get into the homes of people more often. We will be starting this week. We will be walking the streets and getting into homes. We plan on praying for people we meet, seeing what needs they have and hopefully growing more discipleship groups this way. Pray for God to direct our steps as we walk up and down the dusty roads. Pray for the homes to be open and the hearts to be receptive.

Jasmine. This story is so tragic and painful. Jasmine and Cindy were students at CHS, we taught them and got to know them really well. Cindy graduated in 2011 and Jas in 2012. They were in a horrendous car accident on the 11th of  May. Cindy and her mom were killed, Jasmine sustained serious injuries to her head. We visited her at her shack on Monday and she ended up coming home with us along with their younger sister Hadegos. It was brutal to put it mildly. Jasmine keeps having lapses in memory, so every few minutes she looks at us and asks where her mom and Cindy are. Every time we tell her she cries. Her younger sister would laugh or cry having to also hear over and over that her mom and sister were killed. They have told us that it PTSD but no one knows for sure how much damage her brain will have. Pray for her, pray for Hadegos. Pray for these precious little ones. Jasmine went back home yesterday they have aunts looking in on them now. It was too confusing for her at our house.

Katutura. Pray your heart out for the hearts of people in Katutura. Pray for them to be open and hungry to hear the Word of God and the name of Jesus!

YWAM pray for the other ministries of YWAM here in Namibia, including Beautiful Kids, CHS and the DTS that is coming to an end next week.

Wisdom. Pray for us to have wisdom in every step we take, every decision we make and every interaction we have.

Homes to visit. As mentioned above we will be doing home visits. During the DTS the students visited several homes along with David. Pray for us to go back to the right homes!

Discipleship group. Remember the students that were baptized? We still have not been able to find a place in their schedules to meet with them regularly. This is something we really want to do, and it is very important. Pray for a time to open up for us all to meet!

Programs. Pray for us to have wisdom in the programs we plan.

Churches. We still are working on partnering with the churches already established here in Katutura. Pray for those meetings.

Team team team!  Pray for people to join our work nationals or internationals.

Raven. Pray for Raven, she has been to Namibia twice now. She has some great ideas and dreams about recruiting for our work here and for coming out here herself. Pray for her.

Work permit. I am getting tired of this one. We are still without a valid permit. Ours expired in October last year, we reapplied in August last year. We were informed April of this year that our application could not be found and that we would have to reapply. This meant a whole lot of work again. So that was turned in about two weeks ago.  This really is a drag on us here. Not knowing from day to day if we will be allowed to stay is very difficult when trying to start new programs. Please pray for a positive resolution to this prayer request.

Finances. We are still trying to reach our target amount. We hope to reach this by the end of this year.

Vehicle. We need a second vehicle!

Family. Pray for the all around health of our family. Reese is doing great, he is healthy and happy but still not sleeping through the night. Please pray for our son to learn to sleep better. For us please pray for our emotional health as well. We are still mourning the loss of our second baby. Some days are better some are bad.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. You have carried us in the last three years. Namibia has become our home we would not be able to do anything without the love, support and prayers of people around the world. You are precious to us!

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