Prayer for the new year.

We will get back to the office on Monday, but before that we are spending Saturday as a day of prayer for the new year. Take some time to pray with us for the following things:

We have three categories with some points under each:

1. Ministry
 a. Pray for the students we will be discipling in this year. David and I will continue with the kids who were baptized last year, and we will both be taking on new groups. We will meet with them each once a week.
 b. Hope Club is an outreach/discipleship group that Beautiful Kidz (a sister ministry) has been running for young adults. We have been asked to take over this group. This could be a great opportunity for us to begin with our target group in the community. Pray that we make the right decision about this.
 c. Teams: we will be receiving two teams from the USA this year.
 d. Relationships within the community.
 e. The right steps and the right community development classes.
 f. As always pray for the hearts of the people in Katutura to be softened and ready to hear the message.
 g. For God to clear the path for us, to make a way for Three Measures to be established in Katutura in 2013.

2. Planning
 a.  Wisdom!
 b. Church partnerships. In starting out our new  ministry we were cautioned that some of the existing churches in the area may feel threatened if we start a ministry without involving them. So after prayer and some counsel from the senior YWAM staff, we have decided to partner up with the churches in Katutura and offer discipleship/development classes to them.
c. Target area: we know we'll be working in Katutura, but we're still trying to narrow our target area down.
d. Opportunity to go to the North. We hope to be able to travel to the North of Namibia in June this year, the issue is that without any more team members the work of Three Measures will grind to a halt in the community if we leave for any kind of extended period of time. Pray for local leaders to step up!
e. Pray for our ears and eyes to be open to opportunities around us.

3. Development
a. Team team team! We need people, local or foreign, to catch the vision and join us!
b. Visas. Our work permit expired in October, we reapplied in August, right now they are saying it  may be eight more months of waiting before we know anything. Right now no news is good news, but it also feel like we are working with a weight hanging over our heads. Pray for peace of mind for us, and for some positive outcomes.
c. Communication. We live out in the sticks, we feel like we are isolated and our communication is suffering because of it. Internet is unreliable at best, but is usually completely unavailable at our house. So pray for some kind of resolution.
d. Schedule. We are working on a schedule right now that gets me (Sandy) in the office at least twice a week. Reese is older now, but a very busy toddler. Pray that we may find a nanny.
e. Finances, we are still operating on a minimum budget.
f. Our car. It needs new tires and a new windshield. And it has started to make some weird sounds...
g. Health and well being for the three of us, and for Reese to continue growing and learning.

We may add some more through out the day, feel free to email, facebook or comment to let us know that you are standing with us on Saturday. God is good, He has brought us so far and we are excited to see what will be accomplished in this year.

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Julie Ronde said...

Praying for you. I would like to bring a group in June. Let's email about that. Julie Ronde