This post is part of the series on what we did while we were on furlough this past summer.

At RFF before the camp.
While we were in Missouri we were fortunate enough to be part of a junior high summer camp.  Rocky Fork Fellowship asked us to spend the week as the resident missionaries at the camp. We had an hour at the end of each day to spend sharing with the kids about our work here in Namibia. The kids were full of the regular questions at the beginning of the week. (Do you have lions in the street?what weird things have you eaten? etc.) But by the end of the week some of the kids were asking real questions and praying with us for Namibia.
David sharing

It was a great time to get the word our about a little African country that not a lot of people know about, but it was also a time to hopefully inspire some kids towards missions. Please pray for the kids who attended the High Hill camp this past summer, pray that the little seeds that were planted in their hearts will grow, that they will remember to pray for Namibia, and that in the future there may be some missionaries among them.
Sandy sharing

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