Greetings from MO!

We have been in the USA for almost five weeks now, this furlough is going by much faster than we could ever have anticipated!
We spent the first three weeks in Colorado, we were able to rest and take some time to help Reese adjust to the new time zone, and all the new faces. We did get to go to the church services at PPCC, we were quite impressed with the new building, it is very nice. But more than that, it was great to meet some people face to face. Over the last two years I have had the opportunity to meet people from PPCC on facebook and even though we have been able to pray for each other, see each others pictures and other such things nothing compares to meeting face to face, and being able to share a hug.
Mark invited us out to the Colorado Springs YWAM base for a worship and prayer meeting. Their base is in a re-purposed Hilton hotel. So it is quite different from our Namibian farm base. The first thing that struck me about their base is all the kids and babies. Mark had said that we did not have to worry about Reese ebing noisy as there were a lot of babies there. No kidding! I wanted to take some pictures, but I did not want to seem like a weirdo so sorry no pictures of the mounds of babies and heaps of toddlers!
David was able to share about who we are and what we are doing. It was great to have people surround us and pray for the work in Namibia. We are so excited about the future, but there are some days when we question our sanity. So it was so good to have people who work and have worked around the world come around us to encourage and pray.
We then left for MO, we had an eventful car trip, and we have had some busy days. I will write more about what we have been up to, and add some pictures later this week. Gotta run now, we are off to the CCCB campus to hopefully see some of our professors, and then we have dinner with the Finchers! :)

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Come to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!