Tour d' Afrique

Imagine riding your bike from Cairo to Cape Town in a race that takes four months!
This is exactly what Alaric Britz is doing. The race is 11,800 km long, goes through ten countries, and takes a hundred and twenty days to complete!
He is doing the race to raise support for CHS. Right now the race is passing through Namibia.
So the school set up a little ceremony to welcome and thank Alaric.  It was on Wednesday night. Hundreds of people came out for the night, including the national news crew.
It was a great night.
Alaric seems to be a quiet, shy guy. When he walked into the hall the people cheered with abandon.He smiled sheepishly as he was herded to the front of the hall. I heard one of his team mates say that she was getting goose bumps! Four of the kids had written an essay for him, so they got up and recited it to him.
 The man who wrote the Namibian national anthem was there, and he played the piano while the school sang the anthem. The kids had it rehearsed so only a few sang the first part, and then the rest of the school jumped in half way through. It was a powerful moment. I was overcome with so much love for the people that we have come out to serve. Hearing a while hall full of people sing out with such pride was just amazing, I wish you all could have experienced it.
The night ended with the school choir singing a song about hope and of course a lot more thanks and cheers to Alaric.
If you want more info on what he is doing you can check out his blog here.

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