At three months!

At three months Reese is thriving, and growing faster than I thought possible. His adjusted age is only a month and a few weeks, but he seems to be on par with other three month olds, he is just maybe a little smaller. Reese weighs in at 12 pounds and is almost 24 inches long.

 He is mostly wearing size  0-3 clothes, but he still fits into some of his newborn outfits and there are one or two 3-6 outfits that he can fit into. He is also still in size 2 diapers. 
He sleeps for a five hour stretch at night and then two to three hour stretches after that, he also takes 2-3 naps during the day. 
Reese still loves to take a bath. I need to take video of this, he can be all out screaming-angry-crying baby but the moment he touches the water he stops crying and starts cooing. He especially likes to get his hair washed :) He also still eats like fiend, he loves to eat. I sometimes feel like he is a puppy who will just eat and eat and eat until the food is taken away, but I love to see how big and healthy he is and I know that I provided all that food for him!

This month he has started giggling, and he gives us a lot of social smiles. I live for those Yesterday he woke up with a huge smile on his face, and they continued for quite a while!
He is also drooling all over the place. At night when he is asleep he kicks up a a storm, it is impossible to keep a blanker over him, or socks on his feet. 

He is still getting over the jaundice but he is doing well. We were sent for an ultrasound and it showed that his liver is enlarged so the dr. wants us to keep an eye on Reese and then bring him in if he seems to be getting yellower again. 
The last three months have gone by faster than I like, and there are no words for me to express the love and joy that this little person has brought into our lives. The other day we were talking about the journey it took us to get to Reese, and now that we have him we are so happy we never gave up on trying to get pregnant. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers for our little love!

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Alisa said...

You also forgot to mention that at only 3 months, he is an internet sensation!