First day of the last term.

Today has been full! We got up early this morning to meet with Brian and Pam Kinghorn, the directors of YWAM Namibia, to discuss our future in Namibia. I know I keep giving hints as to what that will be, but I don't want to announce anything before we know for sure, so sorry but soon!

We then came over to the school where I have spent the day doing little things that come up on the first day of school, including first aid :) David has been teaching P.E non stop today. From 10 until 2:30 he has back to back P.E classes. I do not envy him! It is so hot outside, and as it is the first day of school the kids have been quite, um, energetic.
We will have a staff meeting at the end of the school day, that usually lasts until 4 or 5pm and then we have to make a mad dash to the ministry of education to pick up some paper work. (Apparently all our teachers have to take a state wide English test tomorrow.) And yes, we were only told this today, it is a 3 hour exam, so now we are scrambling to try and find something to do with a 100 kids while their teachers are being tested. All and all a normal day around the school.

Reese has been kicking a lot today, I think he likes me being a little more active. Also a lady in the community when seeing my baby bump jumped up and down, giggled, and then ran over and kissed my belly. She is known to have a drinking problem, but I think she was quite sober today. It has been fun to see how people react to the news of us having a baby. I am already praying for God to use Reese as a way to open doors in the community and in the hearts of the people here.
I left my camera at home today, oops, so no pictures, but at least you have some idea of what we have done today.
As always we need and appreciate your constant prayers!


Jenny said...

Full term already!? So exciting!

The Echols said...

First day of the last SCHOOL term :)