It is the long weekend.

Finally the long weekend is here. We are off to Swakopmund with the Wright's and with Marye. This is a long awaited weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. The weather at the coast is perfect right now! We are staying at a Finnish missionary house, which also happens to be right on the beach! This break is coming at the exact right time, it has been a crazy busy and exhausting few weeks.
We plan on having devotions on the beach, and on spending time quietly seeking God.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

The Echols


Jenny said...

That sounds like an amazing long weekend! Have a great time friend!

Stephen and Alisa said...

Have a great time! Glad you guys get to have an awesome weekend!

Don said...

Swakopmund! Oh Yes! What memories! I know where you will find a delicious meal with an incredible view. Take a walk on the pier first! Say "Don was here".