It's Monday again!

Monday means that it is time for a "one thousand gifts" post. Last week I posted six things that I am thankful for, that means I am 994 short of my 1000! :)
This morning we woke up to one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen. The sky was awash with fluffy golden clouds, and a bright vivid rainbow framed it all. As we pulled into the school yard is started raining softly. It was a prefect!
We spent time today at school working on the discipline policy. I think I have mentioned before that working with our kids is not all hugs and smiles. Some of our kids come from homes where there is no form of discipline. Some come from homes where there is constant discipline (including beatings). We are working on a policy that will make sure our discipline is tempered by love. It was a great reminder of why we are here, and that we are working towards changing the whole community by bringing hope to the children.

7. The fluffy golden clouds.
8. Hugs from the kids on a Monday morning.
9. Being able to get up at 5:30 for a workout.
10. Internet access at school :)
11. Being able to teach Art class.
12.Sweet morning kisses from Mr. Echols.
13. Kids who bring umbrellas to school, and then they give it to the teacher so we can stay outside for playground duty without getting wet!
14. Sharing breakfast with Miss Puper every morning.

What are some gifts that God has given you?


Jenny said...

I love that your doing this :)

Craig said...

Wow. I'm with Jenny. I don't know the whole story - I'll know more as I read more. But what you are doing? Godpseed.

I'm counting blessings with Ann too. That's how I found you.

Thank you for this – made me smile.

God Bless you and all of yours this day.