The blogging community.

I love the blogging thing, I love getting to write about our life here in Namibia. I love the comments that people leave, and I love the blogger community. Though blogging I have met some of the funniest, and smartest people out there. Now I have been awarded a "blog award" by Mye over at Can I blog now?
Thanks Mye! Head on over there and read about her adventures in reading, cooking and traveling! 
As a rewardee (is that a word??) of this award I have to write about seven random facts about myself. The other rules are to link back to the person who awarded the award (I feel like I am typing award a lot), and to pass the award on to several other blogs, so here goes!

1. I think my husband has a fantastic sense of humor. He is the one person that can make me smile when I am sad, he can see the humor in any situation, and sometimes he makes me laugh until I cry!
In this picture we were pretending that he was Storm from the x-men.

 2. I have a meteorite. A piece of outer space fell to the earth, and I found it!! Apparently it is worth a boat load of money. It is super heavy, and every time people come over to visit they beg me to give it to them! I found it in a ditch outside of my house. It my not seem like much, but it is a legitimate meteorite!!
3. I have recently tried to make the switch to organic food, and I am trying to eat 60% fruit and vegetables. It has been difficult, but it is easier to do here I think. There are so may fresh food markets. On Saturday mornings there is a fresh food market, with home made bread and cheese, locally grown produce, and fresh flowers. 
 4. I am teaching Art this year. It is absolutely intimidating, but at the same time I love it! The kids seem to love art class, they usually cheer when it is time for art class. 
5. I am an absolute Lord of the Rings fan. My dream vacation would be touring the filming locations in New Zealand.
6. I used to be a cake decorator. It was a lot of fun. I got to play with icing all day, and the ladies I used to work with are pretty awesome. The cake in this picture is one that I was supposed to make for earth day. ;) (not every cake I ever made was this LOUD)

7. I loved being a college student and I miss it with my whole heart. Check out the school I went to here!
Now for my nominees:

1. Head on over to the Walton's blog, they are a currently raising support to be missionaries in Ireland. Their blog is usually funny, and you may score some delicious recipes!

2. Then go to the Lowe's blog. They are also raising support, they will be joining the Waltons in Ireland. Here you can follow along on their pregnancy, and get great fitness tips!

3. Jonnie is a great girl. She recently got married, and has decided to start blogging. Her blog has great recipes, and interesting photos!

4. Ashley is a strong, funny, and smart girl that I met in college. We went on a trip together to Tanzania. She works as a nurse in a local prison, and is in the middle of a weight loss journey. Her hard work has inspired me to start living healthier.

5. The Baldwins are working for a missions agency and they are busy raising support ro be missionaries in Rome. Megan writes some funny posts!

6. Read Brianna's blog to learn about her adventures in China!

7. Kayla and her husband are missionaries in New Zealand. Visit their blog for beautiful pictures and stories about their lives down under!

8. Jenny is a great blogger. Her blog is about her pregnancy, and her quest to live a holy life!

9. Heather is a great lady, her blog is about her journey to grow her family and all the things she has to deal with along the way.


Stephen and Alisa said...

Hey! Thanks for nominating us!

MrsVo said...

Loved all your little bits about you, but especially the meteor and the cake! Very cool!

Jenny said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the award!!