I have been a bad blogger, but I have been a very busy with all the things that go on here. It is a new week, and it is a new school year! The kids came to school bright eyed in their shiny new shoes, and ironed shirts. They sat down eagerly to breakfast and all huddled into their new classes to find their seats. We now have over a hundred students! The new grade one students looked so cute in their over sized pants and enormous backpacks!
The day was full of glitches,  we spent a lot of time working on the schedule and trying to figure out where to sit all the kids down for lunch. Things should run smoother tomorrow! I have also been working on Visa applications for two new teachers. There so much pressure to get it right, even one mistake could meant that they do not get their visas!
The new teachers seemed to do well in their classes, tomorrow will be my turn to take on teaching a whole bunch of subjects. It is amazing to see where we are right now! When we graduated from CCCB I never thought I would be trying out how to teach the Bible in grammar class.

I am also still taking part in Project 52, I just failed to get the picture uploaded for last week. The theme for last week was "Illustrate a song" I was inspired by the sunset here, and one of my friends, you know who you are! So here is my picture:

"Pocket full of sunshine"
Have a great week everyone!


Jenny said...

aww yay this whole post made me smile!!! And that you used that song of course ;)

Ryan said...

You're not a bad blogger! Don't fret for not posting as often as you originally intended. Sometimes I do the same, but just get the next one written and published and move on. Thanks for keeping us updated! Ryan heopenseyes.wordpress.com