New Year!

We are back at school! Classes have not resumed yet, but we are back in teacher training and class preparation. Adam and I spent some time today in the second grade class. The desks and chairs are empty ready to be filled with smiling faces, the walls are bare ready to be filled with art projects, and we are ready and eager to teach!
I am absolutely excited about the upcoming year. I have so many ideas! In art class we are doing a school wide rendition of Starry Starry Night, in Geography we will have passports that we stamp as we adventure through the seven continents, and in Science class we will learn to make our own soap!
Keep your eyes on this space!!

We still feel our hearts being drawn to church planting and the desperately under evangelized North. It has been quite a journey to get here, and to get to what God has in store for us. We are still not sure what that is, maybe a church is Windhoek? The area in Katutura is sorely underchurched and the churches that are there are... different. We visited one that charged for baptism, and one that took up an offering from a grieving family during the funeral. There are broken hearts, lives, and people all around us.
Keep praying!

Also it has been raining each day for about three or maybe four weeks now. Our plants are thriving! The rain smells wonderful, the world around us is green, and at night we get to fall asleep to the sound or distant rolling thunder and the sound of raining sifting onto the roof. God is good!


Jillian said...

3-4 weeks of rain! wow. The plants do look very green and pretty. :)

Mary said...

Wow! Keep plugging away and know that Doug and I pray for you!

Stephen and Alisa said...

Wow! Charging for a baptism??? That is crazy and sad. Well, we will be praying for you about church planting there. Have fun this next school year!