Meeting a hero.

Andimba Herman Toivo ya Toivo visited our school today! His name is a mouthful, in fact his name is like the toy boat toy boat tongue twister, but when Namibians hear his name they cheer, gasp, and some ever dance! We were familiar with the name as there is a Andimba Herman Toivo ya Toivo street near our house. Mr. Toivo ya Toivo is a hero. He is one of the freedom fighters. One of those legendary men who stood up to racist regimes, for the basic rights of his own people. Mr. Toivo ya Toivo spent 16 years in jail, some of it on Robben Island with Mr. Nelson Mandela.
Read a short biography on his life here.

It was an honor to meet him. He is a humble, witty and funny man! When he heard I was from South Africa he demanded a labola from David. He said he did not want money or cattle, but giraffes, lions, elephants and other wild animals. The second grade class made cards for him he teased them as he accepted them. He also encouraged all the kids to stick to their studies, to work hard at school and to reach for their dreams.

It was such a great day.
Take time today to pray for the government of Namibia.


Jenny said...

Wow what an honor and life expirence to meet someone that has accomplished all those things!

Mary Emberton said...

How awesome!

Don said...

I remember when Ndamininga Sithole, a war hero in Zimbabwe, visited Mashoko Mission. I had my picture taken with him. Still have it.