I just heard that one of our kid's mothers passed away. Jessica is in grade one. Her mom tested positive for HIV in March of this year. She had been on the ARV drugs. She was doing great. The last time we saw her she seemed as healthy and happy as ever. Jodie had been dropping of fresh produce and other food at her house so she could get the food she needed in order to take her ARV. This is absolutely devastating.
Jessica lived with her mom and dad n a room they rent from Jessica's grandfather. The grandfather is a selfish man, and treated them harshly. Her dad has a job but never brings any money home to the family. He does occasionally buy them food.
When we visited their house I was impressed by how clean she kept their room, and what a good mother she was. She had pictures of Jessica up on the wall along with some drawings she had made at school. I have not seen anything like that in any of our other kids homes. It was one of the cleanest homes I've been in. She was an example to the families around her.
I am not sure what will happen to Jessica now.
Please be praying for them as we try to figure out the best thing to do.


Jenny said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jessica and her family.

thrasherswife said...

My heart breaks.... we have it so good where we live.. bless you for what you are doing.