I found this old blog post in the draft folder,

This blog post is dates back to May. I just found it today in a draft folder. We thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy.

Starting Over!
In so many ways we are starting over now. The thought hit me when we were standing in a German grocery shop in the middle of Namibia. It reminded me of the first time I ever walked into a Walmart store. That day David and I had only been married for a couple of months. We had a gorgeous one bedroom apartment in the foothills of Colorado Springs. I was still wide eyed at this new American country that I had entered when we went to Walmart to buy our first load of groceries. We walked into the store and the sheer size of it made my head spin. We wandered around, I felt like it would take me a week just to read the names of all the ice cream flavors, and the cereal aisle was a wonder all by itself. After walking around oohing and aahing at all this symbol of American capitalism had to offer it was time to actually select some things. So I did what any new bride would do, I burst into tears.
I had no idea if things were expensive or not, or what burritos were. I felt like the ice cream cooler was taunting me, and that it would be easier to climb Everest than to pick a cereal. David stared wide eyed at his brand new African bride at a loss what to do. So he stepped in and rescued me. That day he declared that I should not worry, he would take care of it. So for the first month of our married life we ate hot pockets and frozen pizzas. It was a good month.
Today was not that extreme there were no tears, and unfortunately no frozen pizzas. But here we are, starting over again in a new country with a new language and with new people. We are excited about what the future will bring, even if it does include German supermarkets with blood wurst.


Stephen and Alisa said...

That is a good one... glad you finally posted it!

ashley said...

i enjoyed reading it! glad you posted

Ash-Ash said...

Haha I love it! Your life would make such a great movie...