Right now at CHS

This is your opportunity to get a peek into the classes at CHS. Right now at 9:30 am on Tuesday morning this is what is going on at CHS.

David's office is empty as he is off to town to buy supplies and submit our paperwork to the ministry of home affairs. 

In grade 1 they are learning about emotions and how they are expressed on the human face. In this shot you can not see Mr. Beukes, but he is in the front of the class teaching away! This is the group of kids that I will be teaching next year. I will be a co-teacher with the home room teacher in the second grade class.

In the second grade they are doing math worksheets right now. You can see the kids lining up to have their work checked by Miss. Nelenge.

The third grade class has a bathroom break. See if you can recognize any of the feet in this picture.The kids get 2 bathroom breaks in the day, this includes a break to brush their teeth after snack time. The kids get a sandwich at ten and a full meal at one.

In Grade 4 they are busy with literature. You can see Mrs. Banda in the front of the class. This is the largest classroom in the school. We are trying to figure out next year when we will add a class, we are running out of space! Pray that we find a piece of land soon so we can build our own school building. The school currently has the money to build our own building, but we are struggling to find a suitable piece of property.

In grade 5 and 6 they are learning to knit! This is during home ecology class. The African man in the picture is Mr. Banda, he is home ecology teacher, and the girl in the picture is Nellie, a short term volunteer. She has been here since July and will leave right before Christmas day. Notice in the picture how some of the kids are using pencils as knitting needles. (and how Chris is way more interested in his book :))

In the kitchen Martha is busy prepping for lunch. In the morning they make oatmeal or porridge for the kids who eat breakfast at seven. Right after the breakfast dishes are done, they prepare the sandwiches and fruit for snack time at 10. When the prep for that is done the lunch prep begins, here Martha is slicing onions for bobotie, a traditional South African meat dish. We figured out that the kitchen serves about 40 000 meals a year! The school just received a grant from the Spanish Embassy so they will be upgrading the kitchen equipment soon.

So there you have it! Continue to pray and have a great day!


Stronger.Faster. said...

Thanks for sharing with us! This is awesome!

Stephen and Alisa said...

It was great to see what the school looks like and what everyone was learning! Thanks!