something hilarious...

So the toilet, bathtub, and sink in our house are pretty ridiculous. As you can see from this picture:
From the first day we moved into this house we just assumed it was something left over from the seventies. Something that the landlord found in her basement, and then decided to put it in the house. A bathroom that had lived through Afros, bell-bottom jeans, and mustard colored shag carpets. But, today, at the Windhoek show. The show of the year. The show that showcases the best Windhoek and Namibia have to offer, we had quite the surprise:
HA! The set is new! Someone RECENTLY designed this porcelain throne (and matching basin). Our landlord went out to the store, and after looking at all the options they had she picked this set on purpose. We laughed for a long time over this amazing find. Just finding this set at the show was enough for us to declare "the show this year was a success!!!"

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Stephen and Alisa said...

pretty fancy stuff there. haha I would have been just as surprised.