"In His name the nations will hope"

Thanks for praying for the kids at CHS! The fifth and sixth grade class (the class is combined) has had a rough few weeks. Some of our kids have terrible home lives, and sometimes they bring their frustrations to school. However, in the last week they really pulled together and their behavior has been great, so as a treat we took them to the pool. It was a fun day! It seems as though the boys especially enjoyed getting to hang out with David, especially when they were wrestling, and he was teaching them so swim. Please keep praying for our children, pray for their broken homes, and broken lives. Pray for the ones that go home to no love and no care. The name of the school is Community Hope, we believe that through loving the kids, and introducing them to Christ, they can bring hope to the whole community. Pray for that!

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Stephen and Alisa said...

Glad they had a good time at the pool. :) I am glad that you guys are there, changing lives. Thanks for doing that.