Finally an update!

We have been in South Africa for almost two weeks now, the weather has been beautiful and it has been great to spend some time with the family here. We spent the first few days getting over jet-lag and getting used to the extreme weather change (It was snowing in Denver when we left, and it was very hot when we got off the airplane in JHB). The flight was uneventful, I took some footage of the trip, and I was intending to make a short video showing the trip from Denver to JHB, but I ended up using my IPOD (the camcorder is on my ipod) as a book light and I killed the battery. So I may put up some footage of Denver to Germany :) Forgive the lack of communication, the internet the we have right now is very expensive and we only het on line for a few minutes a day. It will definitely get better once we get to Namibia.
The most difficult adjustment has been to the level of crime out here. We now have a system of keys and gates that we have to get used to, and one always has to be aware of what is going on around the house. Case and point, last night while we were sleeping some criminals bent the palisade fence and stole expensive car parts out of my parent’s yard. This is the eighth break in they have had. It has been a somewhat scary time as the country is going through an explosive racial turbulent time right now. Please pray for peace and safety in South Africa!
We have been able to get some preparation done for the school that we will be working with, including working on the CHE curriculum. This curriculum includes Bible, health, discipleship, development, and storytelling lessons.
We also made our first purchase for our new home out here, we bought an iron! There is so much to look forward to once we get to Namibia from finding and making a new home to discipling young Namibians. The future looks bright, thanks for all the prayers and support!

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Stronger.Faster. said...

So excited to hear what you guys have going on even if its just starting to set up shop (like buying an iron). Miss and love you guys.