Rocky Mountain High...

On Wednesda,y after a tearful farewell from our friends in Moberly, we set off for Colorado Springs. We were able to fit everything we own in (or on) our car, David even had the space around me packed pretty tightly! The trip from our house to home of the Echols is 800 miles and takes us exactly 12 hours. Thirty minutes into the trip we were pulled over for a non working tail light, so after that was fixed we set off for the Springs. The weather was beautiful and Kansas was as exciting boring as ever. When we crossed the Kansas Colorado border "Rocky Mountain High" started playing on the radio :)
For the next few weeks we will be attending many church activities at Pikes Peak Christian Church, our sending Church, in an effort to get to know the average church member better. We will also got to the other side of the mountains to visit with David's great grandmother.
The next 25 days should be sad, fun, exciting, exhausting, and so many other things as our time in the United States comes to an end.

In this picture David is packing everything we own into the small square taped off on the floor. This space matches the space in out car. Anything that did not fit was sold or given away.

Our car all packed up and ready for the trip.


Stronger.Faster. said...

i cant believe it! you guys are for real gone. :(

David and Sandy said...

We are! It is crazy to think we wont be returning to MO for at least two years!