Community Health Evangelism/Education

Today we finished our CHE training, and we are finally certified community developing educators. CHE is a holistic missions strategy that focuses on the physical, economic, social, and spiritual health of a community. The end goal is to get the community to the life that God intends for them, in all aspects of life. One of the key concepts is based on the Kingdom of God, in Matt 13:31-33 the kingdom is likened to  yeast. Yeast that permeates the whole piece of dough, changing it completely. When we bring the Gospel to a new community it should change all of it for the better, not just the spiritual aspect.
CHE is based on six principals. The integration of physical and spiritual, multiplication (in more than one community), local ownership, teaching methodology, prevention (development instead of relief), and the use of local resources.
Before going through this training we knew that CHE would be helpful in Namibia, now we know that it is perfect and we are even more excited to go! Only 51 days left. Please keep us in your prayers as we try to raise the last $350 we need, and keep your eyes on this space exciting things are happening!


Stan said...

Right on been doing CHE all around the world for 30 years and now teaching how to do it in Urban poor neighborhoods in North America

Stan Rowland

Terry said...


We found the posting on your site regarding your interest in putting Community Health Evangelism to work in the field.

We invite you to join the Global CHE Network (chenetwork.org). We are here to provide support, resources, training, lessons, and contacts to people and organizations around the world who are reaching the needs of communities both physically and spiritually, through Christ, using the CHE program.
Please feel free to add the Global CHE Network as a fan on Facebook and connect with others who are, like you, reaching communities for Christ. Our Facebook site is

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your faithfulness!

Global CHE Network