2009 in review...

It is true that 2010 may be one of the most exciting years in our life. We will finally move to Namibia as missionaries. This is something we have been working towards since we were first married in 2003. However, this blog entry is dedicated to the year that was 2009.

So here goes 2009 in pictures:

We spent the holiday season of 08-09 with the family in California. This picture is of all us grandkids with David's grandpa. It is one of my favorite memories ever. This trip was the last time we were able to spend time with Grandpa...

We graduated College as Co-Valedictorians!!

We adopted a cute pair of horny toads.

My parents visited the United States for the first time ever...

We ate sushi for the first time. The jury is still out on whether we will ever try it again.

Sara found out they were expecting a beautiful baby...

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary in Branson Missouri.

I went to my first Christian camp. It was a lot of fun, we were guest speakers. In this picture we asked the kids to come up with their own culture. It was a hoot!

We got and beat the swine flu...

Our dad's figured out that they are long lost BFFs.

We tried out Samantha's baby clothes on George. We had to make sure they fit...

I found and am now addicted to Flickr.
Reaching out

Samantha Joy Wright was born in November. She is the cutest baby and one of the most loved babies ever!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in May with our family in Colorado.

We said goodbye to David's grandfather. He died of cancer in June, he is desperately missed by the whole family. He was a good man, totally committed to his family.

I found "Jesus Culture," a brilliant worship team with beautiful music. You should check them out! This is the first song I heard by them:

I got Carple Tunnel and had to quit my job at Wal Mart. It was bittersweet.

We drove over 12000 miles. (ignore the junk food reflection)

We flew over 5000 miles.

We were fortunate enough to spend some time with our three gorgeous nieces.

In November we met with John and Suzanne Hunter, missionaries to Namibia.We decided to partner with them and will in the near future be working along side them at Community Hope School. A school started by them in one of the poor areas in Namibia. This video tells more about what they are doing.

Our last winter in Missouri seems to be the coldest one in history. This picture was taken at noon with the sun shining, but it was unable to make a dent in the ice covering this bush.

Adam and David invented a new "sport."

I finally joined the "digital decade" with a hot pink ipod. So far I love it!

We spent Christmas with friends, and the unfortunate egg eating contest took place. You can see the shock on Sara's face.

We learned and experienced the generosity of God's people and the beauty of His plan in 2009. I hope and pray that 2010 will be a blessed, prosperous, fulfilling, and beautiful year for you and your loved ones!

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