It was raining the other night. Not the pounding-drenching-renewing kind of rain, just the barely-sprinkling-reassuring rain. The day had been unseasonably warm, and the rain itself seemed out of place for a cool February night. I had been in bed for a while when David asked if I would like to go and sit on the porch to enjoy the rain. We sat on our porch, in front of the house that we have called home for the last five years as the rain lazily drizzled down on us. Sitting in the dark and in the rain like that reminded me of another night just like this one...

It was in 2004 when I had sat on a porch in the rain dreaming about the future. David and I were on a short college scouting trip in Moberly and we were sitting on the porch of some CCCB students. As we sat in the rain that night we decided that we would take the step and become students at this small country Bible college, in anticipation of bigger things that God may have in store for us.

As I allowed my mind to drift to that night I smiled, because here we were in Moberly almost on the eve of our graduation, but more than that; we are finally on the eve of that bigger thing that God has in store for us. In a few month we will be finished with school, we will be on our way to the mission field!

Maybe one day four years from now I will be sitting in the rain in Namibia, and who knows what new memories I will have to think about then!

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