How did he get that bruise anyway???

Things here are going great, school break starts in 9 days (and counting). We are both looking forward to the end of the semester, we have exciting things planned for the winter break. Not really, I just wanted to sound exciting.

Speaking of excitement, David has a nice bruise on his chest. He earned this bruise by jumping through the window on Thursday morning. Why was he jumping through the window you ask???? To let us in the house!! We managed (yes you knew it would happen sometime) to lock ourselves outside. What adds to the hilarity of the situation, is that it was at 8 am, and that we were both in our PJ's, David wasn't even wearing shoes. Furthermore, I was outside to take pictures of the 5 inches of snow, that covered the entire ground.
Now here in beautiful MO, we don't have cable or anything like that, but what we do have is a little bunny ears atenna, that hangs out of the window. (it is so ghetto-fabulous, and gives the nosy little old lady next door something to look at..) This is what saved us (I was literally, seeing pictures in my head of us freezing to death, or starving, we had yet to eat breakfast). The window was only open a little crack to let the cord hang out, but this was enough for him to pry open. (with a mini garden shovel and his name tag which happened to be in his pocket). So David wearing his garden boots ran through the snow, jumped our fence and pried the front window open. And then he launched himself through the window, thereby bruising his chest. Meanwhile I was standing on the back porch, (He refused to take my robe, saying that he did not want the neighbors to see him breaking into our house wearing a bright pink bath robe...) waiting to be rescued. (I was wasting away, the cruel smell of the neighbors breakfast was filling my nostrils, they live like 5 feet away..)

So that is the excitement for this week, tune in next week to find out if we survived the end of the semester.....

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Clarice said...

Hi maatjie & David

Hoop net nie dit gebeur weer met julle nie! Hou maar altyd 'n spare sleutel saam met julle!
Baie lief vir julle hoor!